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What is EFT?

EFT stands for Emotional freedom techniques. EFT is a form of emotional acupuncture without the needles. Gary Craig is the founder of EFT and developed it in the mid 90’s EFT has developed and evolved since then since then but the principles remain the same. We tap on certain acupuncture points while talking about the issue and including positive statements. It works by rebalancing the body’s energy system which gets disrupted when stress occurs and can result in illness and pain. We have known about energy since the Chinese developed the meridian system over 2000 years ago.

Are there any side effects from EFT?
As there are no needles, pain, pills, or moving the body around you this gentle technique has no known side effects.

How many times do I tap on each point?
Using your fingertips you tap round about 6-7 times on certain points of the face and body while thinking of the problem. You then talk about what is upsetting you at the same time as tapping. You continue to tap until all the emotion has gone and so you are just left with the memory and a feeling of calmness about it

How does tapping work on the body?
Tapping clears the energy blocks in your system and then sends a calming response to the brain. It halts the flight or flight response that occurs when you are stressed. Your body can let go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions resulting in you feeling positive and happy about your life.

What is MR?
Matrix Reimprinting is a deeper version of EFT where we go into the past memory and work to resolve the issue, understand the negative belief and create a positive outcome .

Why should I forgive someone who has hurt me?
The point of forgiveness is letting go is to release you from the pain of the past so you can be truly happy The act of forgiveness happens in your own mind and does not involve the other person

Why do I need to focus on the negative ?
We need to tap on the negative because we start with how you feel right now and those emotions are there inside you whether you acknowledge them or not.. Later we can tap on positives and use affirmations.

How will tapping work on Skype?
I will teach you the tapping points and how to do EFT. Then we can use skype with or without the video. It works equally well both way

Does tapping work well with children?
Yes from toddlers to teenagers all can benefit from EFT.

How am I going to learn to tap with my children?
I will teach you how to tap and you will discover it is the same tapping points and the only difference will be that we use words children can identify with depending on their age

Is it the same tapping for them?
Yes it is the same and children enjoy tapping on a tapping bear which works in a similar way to tapping on a child. It is fun for them and often easier to tell their troubles to a bear rather than an adult.

I can‘t member my childhood and am sure nothing traumatic happened to me?
Don’t worry! Tapping will take you directly to your unconscious and memories will surface. We all have traumas and have developed limiting beliefs such as “I am not good enough” or” I don’t deserve love” that stop us living our lives freely. We all learnt to stuff down our emotions rather than express them and are made to believe they are wrong. In the sessions we give permission to our younger self to open up to our emotions and express ourselves fully.

Why is it necessary to go back to the first 6 years?
We download all info and emotions from those around us .We live 5% in our conscious minds where we are truly present and we have our dreams, desires, hopes etc For 95% of our time we operate from our subconscious where we are operating from programmes and negative beliefs which we are not even necessarily aware of straight from our parents and those around us which we learnt in the first 6 years of our life. We all experienced traumas which changed the way we viewed ourselves and the world around us.

What is EFT good for?
EFT works on almost everything. This includes, Stress, Anxiety, Lack of Confidence, Low Self Esteem, Depression, Physical Pain, M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Panic Attacks Phobias, Allergies, fears of flying .public speaking etc., negative beliefs, traumas, addictions.

How can EFT be used with family?
When sorting out family problems most families look at it by wanting to “fix” the family member who is showing the problem. . When we become triggered something in the present takes us back to a memory that is unconscious in our past so our stress rises, we go into the stress response –fight/flight and we are reacting to that place where we feel like the child instead of the conscious adult. We have to remember we can only change ourselves and by tapping on our own feelings in that situation we can reduce the intensity of the feeling of fear, frustration, overwhelm etc and then can help the individual by active, empathic listening and tapping with that person if appropriate. We also get triggered by our unmet needs in ourselves and you could find that resolving your own issues will change the dynamics anyway. Children are often mirrors for us and show us where to go to heal parts of us that are hurting that we may be unaware of .
How can I help my child after a bad day?
Gary Craig recommends tapping with a child every evening talking about what was good and bad about their day and asking how they are feeling. Then the child can tap on the negative feelings using a bear if they so wish.

What else is tapping good for in children’s issues?
There are so many ways to help children with tapping. Here are some
ADD, Anxiety starting a new school, bullying, sibling rivalry, exam stress, separation anxiety, bed wetting, self-esteem issues, sports performance, losing and making friends, phobias, fear of performing, nightmares, upsetting feelings.

How many sessions will I need?
Sometimes people will only want one session and you can shift quite a bit in a session. However mostly people want to transform a lot of events/ fears from their past as it is causing them pain in the present, and this would mean more sessions.

How is that going to help me?
By releasing painful emotions from memories you will feel better emotionally and physically and be on the way to living the life that you want to live. You will naturally come to a place of loving and accepting yourself just the way you are, seeing the beauty in you and understanding and forgiving the past and seeing the possibilities for the future.

 Posted on : August 20, 2014