EFT works well with all ages of children. Depending on their age the method can be different. The child taps on the acupuncture points, tapping out the stress or whatever the issue is and taps in positive affirmations. We make it fun and imaginative and it is empowering for children to take control of their lives. Younger children can tap on a teddy bear telling it how they feel or an adult can tap on a child and releasing their feelings in just the same way,

EFT in schools
Is a child having problems relating to other children?
Or feeling isolated or maybe getting bullied on at school?
Or maybe they are grieving for a lost family member or had a significant change in their family?
Or they are worrying over  exam performance ?
Maybe they worry too much or have anger issues?
Perhaps they suffer from low esteem?
Maybe they have fears or anxieties?
Do they have attachment issues?

EFT Tapping can help with:
Phobias and fears, performance issues, behaviour challenges, sleep issues, family problems, attachment issues, friend issues and bullying, anxiety and stress, confidence and self-esteem

EFT quickly clears the emotions while children tap and say how they are feeling. It calms the child , reduces stress levels and empowers them to feel good about their life

I have worked with children in a primary school with special needs. Their needs included autism, ADHD, attachment issues and emotional needs. I took some teddy bears with buttons which the children could tap on and combined this with the child tapping on themselves.
Some of the children find it hard to communicate and I asked them to use the teddy to show me how they felt about tapping. All of the children put their teddies arms stretched out wide to signify how much they enjoyed I tapping. Here are some of their comments after a 6 week intervention programme:

“Like to come and tap, makes me happy when I tap the teddies”
“Tapping is good, Feeling happy now worried (has) changed to feeling good”
“Really helps me a lot, appreciate it, really happy,”   “Fantastic, “  “Better “ “like tapping the buttons” “Happy”
“Happy now about going to new school” (before this pupil was worried about making new friends and getting to know the teachers)
I also offer  workshops:

Teaching the basics of EFT to teachers or other professionals so they can incorporate it in the classroom, with children, or as a stress relief for  Teachers.

Overcoming stress and anxiety for exams

How to help children overcome stress and anxiety and build their emotional  resilience

Further I am available to work with an individual pupil  in school or a group of children. Please contact me for details.

 Posted on : September 15, 2014