Anya Berry PhotoI have always been interested in working with children with special needs and specialised in teaching in special schools at the beginning of my teaching career in 1981. I took time off to have my 4 children including twins which took me on a huge learning curve, attending parent link courses, avidly reading parenting books and being in a group of supporting woman who believed in attached parenting.  My children are now adults and my biggest joy is seeing them open their wings, leave the nest following their dreams. I have always focused on emotional intelligence and see the importance of allowing children to express their feelings and thoughts, understanding what is going on behind the emotion or the behavior. However I have often been triggered and made many mistakes along the way!

After my father died in 1984 I became interested in alternative health and spirituality and have explored many types of healing work and read lots of self-help and spiritual books.  After my divorce in 2008 I discovered EFT, Emotional freedom techniques and went on my first of many trainings. I loved the simplicity and effectiveness of the technique and came home ready to tap on my family and friends.  In the next few years I trained in Matrix Reimprinting, a deeper version of EFT, and completed other courses about EFT to further my qualifications. I have clients, run workshops and regularly take part in more training. I have experienced many sessions as the client and have worked on many issues including lack of self-esteem, letting go of fears, beliefs of not being good enough and healed some childhood traumas. I still swap with fellow practitioners as there is always more stuff to clear!

In the recent years I have taught children with complex problems including attachment problems, ADHD and children on the autistic spectrum. I am currently taking EFT to a school and tapping with special needs children.  I am also learning and experiencing meditation as a healing tool and incorporate that in my healing work. It is a journey of opening up to love and trusting our higher power.

My wish is for individuals to open up to the greatness of who they are and live their life free to be who they really are in love, joy and peace . I love seeing people transform when they allow their fears and self-doubts to melt away and feel that compassion and love for themselves. My passion is helping families to improve their relationships through the generations and the well-being of each and every person to increase harmony. Healing can also take place for each member of the family, even those not here on the physical plane. By changing yourself you change your whole world around you.

 Posted on : June 20, 2014